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Mina Afra is an Iranian-born Australian painter based in Melbourne. A former graphic designer, French teacher, and gemologist, Afra transitioned to painting full-time in 2020, following her passion sparked in early childhood by watching her mother’s oil painting.

With qualifications including a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Tehran University of Art, a Master of Teaching French (FLE), and a Gemmology Diploma from the Gemmological Association of Australia, Afra’s artistic evolution has been informed by a broad spectrum of experiences. She has further developed her skills by participating in colour mixing and landscape painting courses, attending oil painting workshops, and engaging in mentorship sessions with Nicole Kelly to explore the interplay of colours in painting.

Mina Afra’s painting practice is deeply engaged with her emotional experience in nature. She uses the subject of landscapes, not as an observed scene to render, but rather as a trigger for an internal experience. Through knotting an energetic colour palette to forms, she aims to depict something that cannot be seen but rather is felt—a field of energy, a sense of fluidity and connection, resulting in interpretive and imaginative paintings.

Afra has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and was awarded “Best in Show” at the 2023 Albert Park College Annual Exhibition. Her landscapes have been selected as a finalist for the 2024 Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize and included in the Lethbridge Gallery 20000 Small Scale Prize Salon des Refusés. Her paintings reside in private collections across Australia.

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